I’m an authorized Complete Vocal Technique teacher. I teach singers 1:1 and group workshops mainly in Stockholm.

Bodywork inspires much of my teaching. We have to get to know our bodies to develop our vocal skills, because the body is all there is. It doesn’t matter what level of singer you are.

My own practice is kind of varied, but simple also. Singing is my practice, but I can practice singing without making a sound. It all has to do with the body. I like to study yoga, tantra, sports psychology and meditation, for example.

The point of it all in the end is to feel good, having fun with it.

My favorite books are kind of falling apart, I go back to them a lot... Kenny Werner's Effortless Mastery, Steven Pressfield's Turning Pro, Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones, almost all of Cheri Huber's zen books.

It’s my job as a vocal coach to give you concrete tools for whatever you need, and to push you a bit. I help you commit to doing the work, I push you to take responsibility and I walk beside you all the way reminding you that you are brilliant.

Because you are.

There’s no taste involved: I don’t tell you how you 'should' sing - it’s entirely up to you. You’re the artist. All sounds are available to you!

I can give you technical tools to create any kind of vocal sound you could possibly think of. That’s the selling point of Complete Vocal Technique: we’ve got techniques for all sounds, in all musical styles. We also know how to keep the voice healthy no matter the volume, or the stress, or the difficulty of the song or the length of the concert.

Each singer is different. I use my intuition and experience to tune into you. For that sort of thing, there is no formal training. You are unique.


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